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Our aim is to serve. We provide products and information that can help all people and particularly people of color in the care of their hair, skin and soul. In our product line we include hair pomades, hair oils, skin cremes, skin soaps and shampoos that contain herbs, essential oils, botanicals, butters, waxes and oils that have properties to nourish, maintain and enhance the skin, scalp and hair.

Praises products contain no chemicals, artificial oils, artificial colors or animal products. The
natural, melanin consistent herbs and oils used in Praises Products help to protect and enhance the hair and skin. Feel your hair, scalp and skin regain its strength, moisture and sheen through the use of these powerful combinations. So take a journey into nature through a modern manifestation of ancient African beauty secrets by trying Praises Product! Let us know how good they make you feel.

"I was introduced to your product (Full of Locks Hair Oil) two years ago, I’ve tried other oils, but none has satisfied as much as yours.-M.B., Bronx, NY

Full of Locks Hair Oil

Full of Locks conditions your hair and helps convert your scalp from acid to alkaline which creates the right environment for hair growth. Don’t be fooled by the name, Full of Locks is also excellent for braids, twists and the wide range of textures and styles of African (Black) peoples’ hair.

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Cleopatra's Delight Hair and Body Oil

Cleopatra’s Delight Body and Hair Oil is excellent for helping to keep your skin supple and soft.
Blend of herbs, sesame, olive and castor oils and vitamin E. Cleopatra’s Delight Hair and Body Oil can be used for massage, hair and scalp conditioner, hot oil and heat treatments. Apply to hair, scalp or skin.

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Full of Locks Lotion

Cleopatra's Delight Hair and Body Lotion

Cleopatra’s Delight Body and Hair Lotion is a blend of shea butter, carnauba wax, olive oil, vegetable oil, herbs and essential oils. Creates one of the best hair and body lotions on the market. Can be used for moisturizing the hair, scalp andskin. For external use only.

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Kuumba Hair and Scalp Conditioner

A natural pommade for general hair maintainance. Conditions the scalp, makes hair more manageable, reduces frizz, and provides lustre & sheen. Strictly 100% Natural Ingredients. Rich in nutrients essential to hair life, Kuumba contains sage, rosemary, nettles, hops, burdock, comfrey, arnica flowers, shea butter, pure beeswax, olive and vitamin E oil.

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